MPYA 1MHz Flow Meter Transducer
P/N: H2KMPYA1000600

The MPYA, 1MHz liquid flow sensor from Unictron, is used both as a signal transmission and detection unit.  The housing of the sensor has excellent resistance against acid, alkali, and solvent. The MPYA with the characteristics of high sensitivity and low-temperature drift is the best choice for long-term detection of liquid flow.

Operating Frequency 1 MHz
Capacitance (at 1kHz) 1.2± 20% nF
Sensitivity -28 dB
Launch Angle Beam 5 ˚
Driving Voltage 50 max Vpp
Operating Temperature +4~80 °C
Stored Temperature -10~80 °C
  • Liquid flow detection
  • High sensitivity
  • Small of temperature drift
  • High reliability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Own patented technology