MPYA Flow Meter Transducer
P/N: H2KA050KA1CD00

The MPYA, 1MHz liquid flow sensor of Unictron, is used both as a signal transmission and detection unit.  Housing of the sensor has excellent resistance against acid, alkali and solvent. The MPYA  WiyhW With the characteristics of high sensitivity and low temperature drift, this sensor is the best choice for long-term detection of liquid flow.

Operating Frequency 1 MHz
Capacitance (at 1kHz) 1.2± 20% nF
Sensitivity -28 dB
Launch Angle Beam 5 ˚
Driving Voltage 50 max Vpp
Operating Temperature +4~80 °C
Stored Temperature -10~80 °C
  • Liquid flow detection
  • High sensitivity
  • Small of temperature drift
  • High reliability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Own patented technology
A 9.7±0.05 mm
B 2.3±0.05 mm
C 20.2±0.05 mm
D 17±0.05 mm