LPY1 Level Sensor Transducer
P/N: H2KLPY11000600

With working frequency of 1 MHz, the ultrasonic liquid level detection sensor of Unictron, LPY1, is used both as a signal transmission and detection unit.  As a non-intrusive detection device, it can be used as a bottom-mounted liquid level detection sensor for detecting the liquid level in a plastic or metal container when combined with a suitable coupling pad.

Operating Frequency 1 MHz
Echo Voltage >50 mV
Capacitance (at 1kHz) 1250± 20% pF
Maximum Driving Voltage 50 Vpp
Operating Temperature -20~70 °C
Stored Temperature -30~80 °C
  • Level detection
  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Low driving voltage
  • Non-invasive device
  • Suitable for different materials of bucket