A200H1 200 kHz Air transducer
P/N: H2KA200KH1CD00

A200H1 ultrasonic transducer is designed to deliver outstanding performance at around 200 kHz frequency. The transducer works as a signal transmitting and receiving unit. This ultrasonic transducer is suitable for double feed detection, web guiding control and proximity measurement, etc.

Operation Frequency 200 kHz
Capacitance (@ 1 kHz, 1Vrms) 500 pF
Directivity (Full Angle  @-6 dB) 10 Degree
Maximum Driving Voltage  ( 2% Duty Cycle Tone Burst ) 500 Vp-p

Proportional Band (Working Range)

8-9 mm
Dimensions 18.8x10.7 mm
Housing Material Aluminum
  • Edge position control
  • Double feed detection
  • Proximity measurement
  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Uniform sound intensity
  • Aluminum housing