Fishing industry is optimizing its processes towards sustainable fishing. One of the used tools is a satellite buoy, which is floating in water and can monitor the group of fish in the area.
As the manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers, Unictron developed an underwater sensor, that can be placed at the bottom of the satellite buoy.
Once a group of fish is detected by ultrasonic signal, the data can be transmitted from the buoy to the vessel or a base station through the satellite communication. A network of satellite buoys can provide a real time information about fish location to the operation vessel. Knowing where fishes are can help to reduce boat’s gas consumption. Buoys can be attached to fishing nets for f longline and purse seine fishing.
Operation of satellite buoys is illustrated below:

Underwater ultrasonic transducer from Unictron can also provide ultrasound for the underwater communication. The communication through ultrasonic waves takes place between satellite buoys and AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The buoy then sends the information to satellites or devices above the water surface through antennas. (*) This way the scientific team on land or vessel can obtain a real time information from the AUV.
The picture below shows a schematic of the UAV communication network.

* Unictron also manufactures antennas for satellite communication.