A300A 300 kHz Air transducer
P/N: H2KA300KA1CD00

A300A works as a signal transmitting and receiving unit. This ultrasonic transducer is particularly suitable for double feed detection, edge detection, splice detection, label detection, web guiding and proximity measurement, etc. It works reliably regardless of materials under detection, for example: paper, glass, transparent plastics, metal sheet, cardboard, etc.

Operation Frequency 300 kHz
Capacitance (@ 1 kHz, 1Vrms) 1300 pF
Directivity (Full Angle @-6 dB) 10 Degree
Maximum Driving Voltage 50 Vp-p
Maximum Sensing Range 60 cm
Blind Zone < 3 cm
Dimension-OD (Face) 9.9 mm
Dimension-Height 7.3 mm
  • Double feed detection
  • Edge position control
  • Banknote fitness detection
  • Label detection
  • Proximity measurement
  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Black surface
  • Patented technologies
A300A Dimensions