Bolt Clamped Langevin Transducer (BLTs), is made by sandwiching two metal blocks and clamping the structure with a bolt.  As piezo ceramics is capable withstanding compression but not the tension force, piezo ceramic can operate just fine even the under high compression force caused by the bolt.

      BLTs can be driven by alternative voltage source, where the piezo ceramic can still vibrate through inverse piezoelectric effect (electrical signal is converted into mechanical energy), the ultrasound will then be generated at specific frequency, corelating with the tightness of the bolt. In general, BLTs have the following characteristics:

  • High electro-mechanical conversion efficiency
  • BLTs can be made with different piezo ceramics to obtain target resonant frequency and amplitude
  • BLTs can use up to 8 pcs piezo ceramics to increase the output amplitude
  • The bolt used in BLTs can also be used to fine-tuned the overall resonate frequency and amplitude
  • Due to the reasons above, the wide flexibility brings BLTs to be common ultrasound source
Figure 1: Cross section view of a BLT
Figure 2: Simulation of BLT’s vibration

Typically applications of BLTs are listed as below:

  • Cleaning purpose: used in various residential and industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • Welding purpose: used by ultrasonic welding machine, which is used for welding plastic, metal and other special materials
  • Medical use: dental scaler, ultrasonic scalpel, atomization of special viscous medicine… etc.
  • Cutting purpose: cutting of food, plastic, paper… etc.

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