Unictron Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a leading provider of antennas, antenna modules, and piezoelectric ceramic elements in Taiwan. Founded in 1988, Unictron started out as an electronic components distributor in Taipei, Taiwan. We now have established our own product developing team and manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our two major product groups are antennas and antenna modules for wireless communications and piezoceramic elements for devices used in our daily life and various industrial applications. Our products have been widely used in various electronic devices by internationally renowned customers all over the world. As an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO27001:2022 certified company, Unictron also complies with RoHS directives.
Unictron is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction through creative innovation and continuous improvement. With a vision of becoming the leading provider of electronic ceramic components and modules, we utilized our core competence in ceramics powder formulation and processing to create these main product lines we have now.

Antennas and Antenna modules:

Unictron’s experienced antenna team is made up of some of the earliest GPS antenna designers and engineers here in Taiwan. Our advanced antenna production facilities started to deliver ceramic patch and chip antennas in 2005. As the reputation and recognition of our antenna team established in the RF industry, our antenna product lines also expanded to include PCB (printed circuit board) antennas, flexible PCB antennas, metal stamping antennas, patch array antennas, active antennas and antenna modules and various custom-made antennas. We have more than 45 antenna related patents granted or pending since 2009. Our newer patents include miniature multi-band chip antennas that have a frequency-tuning design for easy design-in, SMT (Surface Mount Technology) patch antennas that can help reduce the customer’s manufacturing cost and circularly polarized rectangular patch antennas to help reduce the customer’s product size. Our chip antennas have been widely used in all portable devices such as cellular phones, tablets, notebook PC, navigation devices, earphones/headphones, etc. High performance, high directivity patch array antenna, or high gain PCB antennas are also our well-recognized products.

Piezoelectric Ceramic elements:

As a leading provider of piezo-ceramic elements in Taiwan, Unictron’s piezoceramic engineering team has been working on this field for about 30 years. Proprietary material formulations and state-of-the-art processing technologies and facilities are well-established. In addition to large volume production routines, we also work together closely with our customers in various industrial sectors to develop special piezo elements for their specific devices and applications. Our mass production piezoelectric elements have been widely used in various applications such as automobile parking sensors, weaving machine actuators, ultrasonic nebulizers, ultrasonic sensors and large varieties of ultrasonic transducers. We have become the leading major supplier in quite a few ultrasonic transducer applications.

Circuit Protection Solutions:

Unictron started our business as an electronic component distributor. We have been serving the local electronic industry for more than 25 years and are still active in this business sector. Over-voltage or over-current circuit protection components and solutions are the expertise of this selling team. Complete over-voltage/over-current testing and evaluation laboratory has been established to provide the best services and circuit protection solutions to our customers. We provide a whole series of circuit protection components, such as: Spark Gap, Gas Tube, Thyristor, TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), ZnO Varistor, PPTC Resettable Fuse and other Fuses. With our advanced testing facilities and on-site experienced application engineers, your product design processes can be expedited easily. Unictron’s circuit protection solutions will help you to accelerate your time to market, decrease your product cost and increase your company’s competitiveness.