Unictron is committed to protecting the environment of our planet and pursuing the idea of sustainable development for humankind. We will execute environment-related regulations and operational procedures in accordance with the following three directions.

Comply with regulations

Unictron completely comprehends the government’s environment protection regulations and relevant requirements and will conscientiously and seriously carry out all the management and operating activities in compliance with environment protection requirements.
We will assist our employees to have a better understanding of environment protection regulations and to strengthen their professional knowledge in this area so that they could fully engage in our company’s environment protection activities.

Pollution prevention

Unictron implements efficacious measures to prevent the pollution of the surrounding environment by the industrial waste coming out from production lines.
We will constantly improve our manufacturing processes and the efficiency of equipments and facilities to minimize the quantities of wastes generated. We will also try our best to decrease the consumption of energy in order to meet the customer’s demand of greener products.
Unictron will aggressively carry out research and development projects to develop products which can be fabricated in less harmful or pollution-free processes, to reduce the uses of toxic chemicals in the production processes.

Continuous improvement

Unictron sets up annual goals and improvement items regarding environment protection and audits execution status regularly to ensure the actions of continuous improvement is effectively implemented and the quality of our environment has been constantly improved.
We also encourage or request our suppliers, vendors and contractors to seriously plan and implement their environment protection policies so that the scale and level of environment protection can be continuously improved.