GA-88P Series

Product Name:GA-88P

GPS Antenna
Highlighted applications:
This robust waterproof antenna is suitable for all applications which need precision GNSS location data connections. Please see below for more details.
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GPS Antenna

GA-88P is designed for the Marine Vessels mast or tall buildings that require long extra cables without signal constraint to the GPS receivers. It is the integration of the high performance GPS patch antenna and a low noise amplifier into an extremely fully waterproof enclosure and when connected to a GPS receiver with 2.5~5.5VDC antenna power, it can provide excellent antenna signal amplification and out-band filtering with rejection for that receiver at 3V DC or 5V DC input Voltage.

Technical Briefs

Function : GPS L1
Dimension : 80mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 72mm (H)
Mounting Type : External Flagpole Mount
Operating Temperature : -30 ~ +80°C
IP Rating : IPX7
This product is an antenna without cable, and you can purchase cables assembly from Accessories Builder:

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