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Consumer electronics are widely used in our daily lives, and are rapidly increasing either in varieties or total amount year over year. Due to the rapid development and deployment of the concept of Internet of Things (IOT), almost all consumer electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, have or will have the capability of wireless connectivity in order to be connected with the internet. Even the home appliances such as television or refrigerator will have internet connection eventually. Consumer electronics can establish wireless connection either through local area networks (LAN) such as WiFi/bluetooth or wide area networks (WAN) of cellular telecommunication systems, or even both LAN and WAN wireless technologies are built-in simultaneously. In order to establish a reliable wireless connection in consumer electronics, high performance antennas are crucial components. With severe space constraint, low SAR requirement as well as the potential mutual interference of various wireless devices, the antenna designers need to carefully review the electrical characteristics of the antenna and the dimensions and location for antenna installation.

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