MW-2B-A Series

Product Name:MW-2B-A-C01

Magnetic Mount Whip Antenna
Highlighted applications:
Magnetic mounted whip antenna for LTE communication. Easy installation and premium performance delivering. Please see below for more details.
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Magnetic Mount Whip Antenna

TheMW-2B-A-C01 magnetic ultra-wideband cellular antenna delivers stable high omnidirectional gain and efficiencies covering LTE full Bands from 698 MHz to 3.8 GHz.
And has also support 5G NR bans.This high performing antenna can be used for all cellular devices and will not require changing antennas when deploying from country to country or technology to technology like CDMA to GSM or 5G NR to 3G. Being magnetic mount it is designed to be mounted on a ground plane for optimal performance.

Technical Briefs

Function :  GSM / LTE / 5G NR
Dimension : 288(L) mm, φ29.5 mm Base
Mounting Type : Magnetic Mount
Antenna Element Count : Whip Antenna
Operating Temperature  :  -40 ~ +85 oC
IP Rating : N/A
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