EG-23G-AS Series

Product Name:EG-23G-AS-B01

External One Port GNSS Antenna
Highlighted applications:
This robust waterproof antenna is suitable for all applications which need precision GNSS location data connections. Please see below for more details.
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Magnetic External One Port GNSS Antenna

EG-23G-AS-B01 is designed for applications which requires GNSS signal from BeiDou/ GLONASS and GPS. With smallest dimension and magnetic mount, it coud be installed easily.

Technical Briefs

Function : BeiDou / GLONASS / GPS L1
Dimension : 33.95mm (L) x 25.20mm (W) x 10.60mm (H)
Mounting Type : Magnetic Mount
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +85°C
IP Rating : IP67
ESD Protection : 8KV Contact Discharge / 15KV Air Discharge
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