Here at Unictron, it is one of our top interests to strive for high-grade quality. Unictron’s quality policy includes three strategic directions, Innovation, Continuous Improvement, and Customer Satisfaction. Our perseverance on these three principles and the implementation plans assures that we can provide outstanding products and services to our customers, fulfill green product requirements, and avoid using conflict minerals from mines in the conflict regions. Because we choose focused product lines to concentrate our efforts on, we are able to ensure that each product receives the extra attention it needs to identify and carry out improvements.


We consistently put resources in research and development to improve our technologies and engineering capabilities.
We established incentive programs to encourage employees to develop new ideas and new technologies which can facilitate Unictron’s goal of high quality products at a low cost.
We carefully identify the key factors which affect the quality and manufacturability of a new product from the early stage of the product development, to do things right from the beginning.

Continuous Improvement:

Unictron establishes annual quality objectives and regular quality meetings to ensure that a continuous improvement program is executed accordingly.
We assign a responsible person to quickly resolve the quality issue whenever it occurs. This person makes sure that problems are resolved before their deadlines and preventive measures are implemented.
We established training programs to help employees realize the company’s quality objectives and to continuously improve their professional skills and quality related knowledge. We encourage or request the suppliers to continuously improve their product quality. Establishes a regular vendor survey program to identify their quality issues and monitor their improvement progress.

Customer Satisfaction:

We fully understand the real needs of our customers to deliver the right products to them according to the committed schedule to reduce the possibility of customer complaints.
We immediately and positively respond to our customer’s complaint, submit improvement measures and monitor improvement progresses.
We established a regular customer satisfaction survey to listen to the customer’s voice and find out the potential problems so that improvements in product and service qualities can be done accordingly.