Establishing an efficient healthcare system to meet the health needs of a diverse population is becoming more and more important for governments and healthcare authorities globally. A well-functioning healthcare database requires a powerful management system to collect reliable information coming from various medical or monitoring devices so that well maintained health or medical facilities can deliver quality medicines and services to specific patients. A well-established healthcare system can contribute significantly to a country's economy and social development. Medical devices connected through extensive wireless communication technologies, enabling smart monitoring, are the most effective way to make sure all these devices and systems are effectively and flexibly interconnected. Unictron provides the mobile connectivity necessary to keep the medical devices connected no matter where they are located, while at the same time offering the stability and convenience necessary to let medical professionals focus on what they do best—analyze the information collected through these devices and provide the high-quality care to their patients. In order to achieve the wireless connectivity needed, multiple technologies have been widely used including WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS, NB-IOT, and LoRa.

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