Cellular Telecommunications

Since its first introduction in the early 1980s, cellular telecommunication technology has evolved into the most important wireless communication technology used by a majority of the global population. Effective cellular network coverage significantly improves the interconnection between people and nowadays a lot of cellular phone users rely on it to access internet services. Vast varieties of devices and services, such as personal/asset tracker, vending machines, fleet management, etc. also utilize cellular telecommunication technology to upload data to the servers or download data from systems. During the past decades, the cellular telecommunications has gone through several generations of evolution from 2G GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunications), 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) to the most recent development of 5G NR (New Radio). The 5G New Radio is the most advanced telecommunication technology with extremely high data rate and low latency which will significantly benefit the IOT industries. Most major cellular network operators all over the world are aggressively building 5G telecommunication infrastructure. Almost all cellular phone companies are also extensively promoting their new 5G smart phones. However, 3G/4G cellular networks are still the most popular technologies used for the majority of population around the globe. Even the 2G GSM systems are still on service right now in a lot of countries. No matter what cellular systems you choose for your devices or applications, the most important factor you need to consider when you are choosing antennas for your devices are the frequencies that will be used in your wireless devices. Of course, the radiation efficiency, shape, dimensions of the antenna are also important. Depending on the devices of your choice, Antennas for cellular communications can be embedded antennas made from ceramic, metal or plastic materials as well as external antennas with various shapes, dimensions, cable length and connector types. No matter what kind of antennas you need for your devices, Unictron has the most suitable solution for you. Some typical examples are hinge rotatable LTE terminal antenna (TA-C12B-A-L02), multiple I/O combo external antenna (MT-25B) and embedded antenna (EPH-403AL).

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