Smart Water Meter


Smart Water Meter

IoT technologies have been implemented successfully across various industries in recent years. The smart water meter system has also been well-established which can do real-time water flow metering to optimize the water usage and reduce waste. Remote infrastructure monitoring and operational optimization can ensure a steady water supply. There are many kinds of technologies that can be used for water flow meters, such as orifices, nozzles, vortex, electromagnetic and ultrasonic transducers. Nowadays, the water meter industries are more interested in ultrasonic flow meters which can detect water flow inside or outside a pipe line and provide digital data.

Wireless communication technologies are widely used to establish networking systems for data communication and information exchange. High performance antennas are an essential component for effective connectivity to be established between devices and systems. Installed in the water metering system, the wireless devices and antennas build the connection of the local or wide area networks and provide real-time data which allows remote monitoring and infrastructure maintenance.

Why Unictron?

To satisfy customers’ needs in different situations and various environments, we offer a variety of antennas. From one port external antennas for GPS, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IOT, LTE etc. to combo antennas with various combinations of frequencies, Unictron offers a broad range of standard antennas for your selection. Unictron’s R&D team can customize antennas according to some specific client demandss. In addition to antenna solutions, we have also developed a series of ultrasonic transducers for ultrasonic water meter applications.

Featured products:

ISM: TA-S10B-A-S901, EEH-915

GSM: FP-C08-01, GEPH-025, EEN-404

GPS Only

LTE Only

Combo antenna for GPS +LTE

Ultrasonic transducers for smart water meters: 1 MHz, 2 MHz

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