Smart Gas Meter


Smart Gas Meter

The smart gas metering system has been developed for decades comprising three main components: gas meters, wireless networking system, and control system. The most recent development of gas metering systems are ultrasonic gas meters which are connected with wireless communication technology to provide data of residential gas assumption in time. The smart gas metering system has the benefits of: manage the gas consumption in real time, gas leak detection, fire alarm, on-line payment, remote control and monitor.
After measuring the gas consumption by ultrasonic gas meters, the wireless devices can transmit the real-time gas usage and status through antennas to the servers. High performance antennas can assure the continuous and instant visibility of gas metering for faster, more informed decisions, to realize the behavior analysis of gas consumption and do safety monitoring.

Why Unictron?

Since gas meter systems are frequently installed outdoors, the quality of components used have to be properly verified for the adverse environment. Unictron not only has its own experienced R&D team to keep developing the latest technology and high quality products but also has its own well-established quality control system to ensure the whole production processes are well-managed. From one port external antennas for GPS, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IOT, LTE etc. to combo antennas with various combinations of frequencies, Unictron offers a broad range of standard antennas for your selection. Unictron’s R&D team can customize antennas according to special needs. In addition to antennas, we also offer ultrasonic air transducers for ultrasonic gas flow meters. With patented design and processing technologies, Unictron’s ultrasonic transducer has been successfully integrated in our customer’s smart gas metering devices.

Featured product:

ISM: TA-S10B-A-S901,  EEH-915

GSM: FP-C08-01, GEPH-025, EEN-404

GPS Only

LTE Only

Combo antenna for GPS +LTE

Ultrasonic air transducer: A500B

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