Smart Electricity Meter


Smart Electricity Meter

Since smart electricity meters can send electricity demand information back to utility companies with more accuracy, efficiency, privacy, security and visibility in electricity measurements, traditional analogue meters are phasing out in the market. Nowadays, without the needs of on-site meter reading, electricity metering systems still could measure energy consumption, monitor its quality and communicate its information from meter to concentrator or cloud so that utility companies can have better management of energy and provide faster services with lower costs.

Wireless communication technologies provide flexible and user-friendly approaches to establish the needed connectivity for information communication and sharing. With the installation of wireless communication devices, the access of electricity use information and the real-time report of electricity measurements improve the awareness of utilities. Reducing the time lag for accurate data gathering and precise analysis, wireless technologies help lead to waste reduction thus lower expenses. The real-time data enables utilities and energy distributors to optimize power distribution loss across the grid, which results in higher reliability, reduced tampering and carbon emissions. High performance antennas are very important for the establishment of effective wireless communication systems, especially when the smart meters are installed in locations where obstacles are blocking effective sending or receiving of wireless signals.

Why Unictron?

To satisfy customers’ needs in different situations and various environments, we offer a variety of antennas as potential solutions. From one port external antennas for GPS, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IOT, LTE etc. to combo antennas with various combinations of frequencies, Unictron offers a broad range of standard antennas for your selection. Unictron’s R&D team can customize antennas according to a range of special needs.

Featured products:

ISM: TA-S10B-A-S901,  EEH-915

GSM: FP-C08-01, GEPH-025, EEN-404

GPS Only

LTE Only

Combo antenna for GPS +LTE

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