EG-88W series

Product Name:EG-88W-AC-A01

External One Port GNSS Antenna
Highlighted applications:
Automotive Navigation.
For all GNSS applications with networking such as sensor,sonar multi-function gauge, etc.
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External One Port GPS Antenna

The EG-88W-AC-A01 is a high performance one port GPS screw mount antenna in a compact housing, for external use on vehicles and outdoor assets worldwide. The GPS antenna has stable gain and radiation patterns on the band.Customized cable length and connectors are available.

Technical Briefs

Function : GPS
Dimension : 80mm x80mm x71.2mm
Mounting Type : Screw Mount
Antenna Element Count : Single Antenna
Operating Temperature  :  -40 ~ +85 oC
IP Rating :  IP67
ESD Protection : 8KV Contact Discharge / 15KV Air Discharge
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