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A typical modern home normally has a large variety of internet-connected devices, such as personal computers, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, lighting control, door control, and more. A high performance WiFi router will be able to provide a reliable wireless connectivity to all these devices and avoid those annoying WiFi dead spots. The size of the antenna seems to be determining an antenna’s connectivity. A bigger antenna normally can boost the range of signal transmission of a WiFi router. However, actually the capability of the wireless connection of an antenna is determined by the gain pattern of the antenna. A higher gain antenna transmits a higher power strength signal and also increases the signal quality.

Why Unictron?

Unictron has extensive experience in the OEM/ODM of GNSS and RF antenna products in the past 25 years. We have complete antenna product lines for WiFi routers. Customers can have varieties of choice of antennas with standard or custom-made mounting connectors, degree of rotation, gain pattern and radiation performance, different sizes and appearances. With outstanding design capability and manufacturing facilities, our R&D team can also custom design antennas for special requirements.

Feature products:

TA Series: TA-S8B-A-WE01




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