Wireless Set-top Box


Wireless Set-top Box
A set-top-box (STB) is a device which can turn an external source of signal into a certain format which can then be displayed on a television or other display. In the past, STB was normally connected to a signal source and TV with cables. However, wireless STB removes the constraint of cable and grants users the freedom to move the TV set around. Traditionally, STB sat on top of the TV set. However, with the invention of flat panel displays, there is no surface to rest the STB. Hence, wireless connection offers flexibility of installation. Quite frequently, people use TVs to browse the internet or surf on Netflix channels, and therefore need an Internet connection. A wireless set-top-box can provide a stable connection to the router. WiFi is regularly used for this kind of connection and a high performance WiFi antenna is a key component for reliable connectivity.


Why Unictron?

Due to the higher expectation on performance and increased complexity of Wi-Fi 6, antennas must be optimized to meet these stringent requirements. Some of the challenges antenna engineers may face include:

  • The need of multiple antennas for MIMO applications.
  • The miniaturization of the device enclosure which results in limited space for antenna installation.
  • Multiple technologies which require antennas with various frequencies must co-exist (and function well) inside a small enclosure

Unictron’s engineering team has extensive experience in working with customers to develop and design-in Wi-Fi antennas for customer’s devices. We also have a comprehensive line-up of antennas for Wi-Fi applications including patented TELA chip antennas, PCB/FPC antennas and LDS antennas. The most recent release of the patented Pillar antenna is a high performance, user-friendly chip antenna which can be installed almost anywhere on a circuit board without the limitation of ground clearance requirements. Pillar chip antennas for 6 GHz band Wi-Fi 6E applications are also available to provide customers with a SMT process compatible high performance antenna solution.

Featured products:

The Pillar® antenna CW10D7

The Pillar® antenna CH10D7

The Pillar® antenna CU10D7

The Pillar® antenna CE807


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