Smart home system


Smart home system

Smart home systems provide comfort, security, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing owners to control smart devices at home via smart home apps on their 3C devices. One of the most important functions is that it can, according to owners’ preference, leverage artificial intelligence to learn and detect what the normal circumstances within a given home environment may be and analyze data for aberrations for safety and security purposes. The data gathered from the sensors like smart locks, temperature sensors, natural gas detector, CO detector, etc. can be transmitted to the control system via WiFi router or other wireless communication systems and then analyzed and compared to the established database. The smart home management system can judge whether the home environment falls within the normal range, and if not, the system can alert family members to take action to prevent accidents.

Why Unictron?

We have over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing antennas and antenna modules. With our extensive engineering capabilities and strong customer support team, we have strong confidence that we can satisfy all your requirements in developing high performance wireless devices for smart home applications. According to our previous experiences in cooperation with smart home system clients, we have developed the best solutions of WiFi and cellular antenna for them. Our featured products are as follows:


  • EPH-405AL (4G LTE)
  • EPH-503 (4G LTE)
  • EPH-403AL (4G LTE/ 5G NR)
  • EC-29B-AS-L01 (4G LTE/ 5G NR)


  • EPH-203 (2.4/5.8GHz)
  • EW-29B-AS-W01 (2.4/5.8GHz)

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