Energy Control


In order to maintain a comfortable modern life, normally a significant amount of a family’s income is spent on energy-related items, such as utilities. In order to conserve energy intelligently, networked sensors and systems are installed to establish an effective control mechanism. It’s crucial to gather data from energy-demanding facilities such as air-conditioning systems and environment monitoring sensors and then transmit them to the control system for analysis. Wireless technologies provide the most user-friendly approach to establish the connectivity between devices. High performance antennas are the critical ingredients to make the dream of smart home come true.

Why Unictron?

We can customize antenna designs according to the client’s preferred wireless protocol and user’s environment to establish a reliable wireless connectivity. Various antenna formats such as chip antennas, PCB/FPC antennas, terminal antennas, LDS antennas and metal-stamped antennas have been frequently used by our experienced antenna engineers to properly design-in antennas for each wireless device used in energy control systems.

Feature products: 

Internal and External (terminal antenna) Zigbee, Z wave, WiFi antennas

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