Radio Broadcast


Radio Broadcast

The need for time synchronization in radio broadcasting, cellular telecommunications, and precision measurement applications is well-recognized. Digital radio broadcasting services use GNSS satellite time to ensure that the broadcast signals from all radio stations arrive at the radio receivers in lockstep. Therefore, radio listeners can tune between radio stations with minimized signal delay.

Why unictron:

Commercial GPS time servers can easily pack the computer module and GPS timing receiver into one device. In order to achieve precise time synchronization, GPS receivers need a reliable antenna to ensure a stable GNSS signal can be obtained. Unictron provides a large variety of antennas and receivers suitable for time synchronization applications. There are many different antenna types available for time synchronization applications. However, they are generally divided into two categories: GNSS antennas only or GNSS Receiver with Integrated Antenna. The GNSS receiver with Integrated antenna is usually enclosed in a robust weatherproof housing and usually has a flying lead which provides an RS232 serial connection.

Featured Products:

  • EG-16 series(external one port GNSS antenna)

Robust cone shape weather resistant housing protects the antenna module against environmental hazards such as snow, sandstorms, and lightning.

  • EG 20 series (high accuracy GNSS active antenna)

GPS L1 band, reliable housing with IP67 water-proof for pole mount installation, proprietary antenna design to ensure reliable GPS signal receiving.

  • GR-43, GR-19, GM 5G (GPS Receiver with Integrated Antenna)

Suitable for GPS L1/GLONASS L1/QZSS bands, IP67 waterproof housing, support 1PPS signal for time synchronization.

  • Accessories: Stainless Steel Stand/ Bulkhead Mount


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