5G Communication


5G Communication

With the recent advancement of wireless communication technology, synchronization is becoming more and more important. Especially for 5G telecommunication where high speed and low latency are the well-known benefits and time synchronization is one of the key elements for its success. Most of the 5G cellular systems rely on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to deliver Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for time synchronization. In the past, most of the network elements used GNSS L1 band signals obtained by standard GNSS receivers. However, the new generation of GNSS receivers utilize multiple GNSS bands, such as L1/L2/L5 bands, through multi-band receivers to better cope with delay variation between satellites and receivers. Such multiband receivers can be used in the 5G telecommunication systems to deliver improved timing accuracy. Precision time information will also be vital for technologies like autonomous driving since it requires high-precision positioning data up to centimeter-level accuracy.

Why Unictron ?

Time synchronization to secure a high level of accuracy is easier to achieve between devices over very short distances, but accuracy becomes harder to maintain when devices are separated at longer distances. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used protocol for the dissemination of time on computer networks. An NTP server can obtain precision timing information through a highly accurate timekeeping source, such as the time at which information was received from the GPS satellites, and then broadcast this information to devices on the network requesting timestamp information. The NTP server can synchronize timing clocks with about millisecond accuracy which suits most business and industrial needs. However, if greater than millisecond synchronization accuracy is required, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) may be a better alternative. No matter whether NTP or PTP servers are used for your time synchronization applications, Unictron’s receiver products are developed to meet your needs in receiving precision timing information from GNSS satellites.

Featured Products:

  • GR-43, GR-19, GM 5G: GPS Receiver with Integrated Antenna
  • GB -02: GPS Receiver
  • Accessories: Stainless Steel Stand/ Bulkhead Mount


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