Public Transportation


Public Transportation

Receivers and trackers utilizing location data from Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)  have been widely used to locate the positions of public transportation vehicles or point out and identify the driver’s position. However, in some practical applications, GNSS satellite signals are not always reliable. In areas with high-rise buildings, overpasses, underground parking lots, tunnels, dense trees, and other sheltered environments, one can experience severe deterioration of GNSS signals and reduced positioning accuracy. Consequently, if you wish to improve the effectiveness and reliability of your navigation and tracking devices, receivers with dead reckoning function will be your top choice.

Why unictron:

Unictron offers a wide range of high-quality antennas and GNSS receivers to suit a multitude of applications and markets, which enables the possibility of finding an optimal wireless solution for your particular navigation & tracking requirements. Choosing the proper antennas for your applications is a key factor given that these components are the main interface between the GNSS satellites and the users, as they capture the location signals transmitted by satellites. Unictron engineering team has more than 25 years experiences in developing RF antennas and receivers for navigation and tracking devices installed in public transportation systems. Receivers with dead reckoning function are also well-established for accurate positioning of buses moving along regions with high-rise buildings and tunnels. Tailor-made receivers and trackers with functions meeting your specifications are also available upon request.

Feature Products:

  • GM-21B (Mini GNSS Locator)

With a low profile, waterproof and robust enclosure, providing real time location, speed, distance travelled and heading information in NMEA 0183 format. SLAS (Sub-meter Level Augmentation Service) is also supported.

  • GM-44DR (GNSS 3D Dead-Reckoning Receiver)

Receiver for general purpose applications with GNSS 3D Automotive Dead-Reckoning (ADR).


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