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Location trackers have been widely used in various applications across a variety of industries. The tracking system is mainly composed of a receiving module to receive GNSS signal for location determination and a transmitting module to transmit location data to monitoring systems. Traditionally, only GPS L1 signal is used for the location calculation. Normally 3-10 meters accuracy can be obtained just by L1 signal band. Due to the increased demand in the improvement of positional accuracy, multiple frequency bands such as L1/L2/L5 and multiple constellation systems such as GPS, Beidow, and Glonass are frequently used now in multi-band receivers and trackers. Cellular telecommunication technologies such CDMA/LTE are the primary approach for the location data transmission to control servers. High performance antennas are the most important elements for reliable wireless connectivity for data receiving and transmitting.

Why unictron:

Antennas for tracking and remote monitoring devices come in various shapes & sizes and may be fabricated with different materials and manufacturing processes. Unictron has a strong engineering team with manufacturing experience with a variety of antennas made from ceramic, PCB/FPC materials or fabricated through LDS (laser direct structuring) or metal stamping processes. Standard or tailor-made antenna elements are all available to meet your specification requirements according to your housing structures or circuit designs of your tracking devices. Quite a few tracker series with standard functions are readily available too. Custom-made devices with specific functions can be discussed upon your request.

Feature Products:

  • MU-201 S2 Series (GPS/3G Pets/Asset Tracker)

Support 3G UMTS/HSPA for worldwide operation with backward compatibility of GSM/(E)GPRS. Low power consumption and smart power management have been established.

  • MU-201 S3 Series (GNSS/4G/2G Pets/Asset Tracker)

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