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Public safety and security systems play a critical role in facilitating adequate response to emergencies, crime, and catastrophic disasters. Various official departments such as law enforcement, fire & rescue, disaster relief, and public health all rely on effective and reliable wireless communication technologies to manage crises with the goal of reducing impact and injury to individuals and assets. Wireless communication capabilities are especially required in difficult environments where critical infrastructures are frequently destroyed either in natural disasters or other unplanned events that cause large-scale panic in the affected regions.

Unictron has been supplying clients in government and law enforcement departments with electronic tracking devices to ensure compliance with requirements related to public health & safety. Various wireless technologies have been widely used in tracking devices. GPS/GNSS systems can continuously track users in real-time, identify their movements and whereabouts. Cellular telecommunication systems are frequently used to transmit location information to monitoring centers. Location information can also be obtained by triangulating signals from multiple cellular towers with less accuracy. RF devices can also be used to monitor users’ presence in or absence from a fixed location. They are most commonly used to remotely monitor persons in confinement. RF systems consist of battery-powered transmitters, typically worn around ankles or wrists, and home-based receivers that can verify whether users are located within a certain distance and alert monitoring center of violations.


Why Unictron?

Customers using our trackers for various applications have found successful implementations in wide-area tracking environments and local-area or Indoor tracking environments. Our typical products for the tracking applications include:

    • CT-31 tracker (offender tracker, tracker for COVID 19 monitoring)
      A powerful combo tracker with geofencing capabilities in robust IP68 waterproof housing. It can provide stable wireless signal transmitting and receiving capability including GPS, ISM 434 MHz, and 2G/3G/4G telecommunication.
    • MU-201S2MU-201S3E : personal or asset tracker.
    • MT series

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