Factory security system


Factory security system

Factory security and monitoring systems should be one of the pioneers of security monitoring applications due to the significant amount of inventory and the value of assets. In particular, some factories operating 24 hours a day need surveillance systems to enhance safety. Generally speaking, manufacturing factories deploy surveillance systems for two purposes: 1. To monitor the on-site environment. If an illegal intrusion or accident occurs, it can be dealt with immediately. 2. To monitor the status of products on the production lines.

Why unictron?

Reliability of the devices used in a security system is a major concern for most users, therefore choices of components are very crucial. Unictron is an ISO9001/ITAF16949 certified company with a well-established quality management system. Unictron also consistently pours in resources for R&D activities to improve our technologies and engineering capabilities. We also established incentive programs to encourage employees to develop new ideas and new technologies which can facilitate Unictron’s goal of high quality products at a low overall cost. Unictron carefully identifies the key factors which affect the quality and manufacturability of a new product from the early stage of the product development, to do things right from the very beginning.

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