GNSS receiver in marine vessels


GNSS receiver in fishing vessels

It often takes more than one month for fishing vessels to complete a sailing mission. The high waterproof level and good accuracy antenna ensure the smooth operation of satellite positioning and timely acquisition of location information to ensure the safety of navigation.

Why Unictron

With various unique characteristics such as fast cold-start and short reacquisition time, integrated with a high performance active GNSS antenna in very compact/waterproof enclosures, compatibility with most of the interfaces in the field, ability to be powered through various sources, Unictron’s high-performance GNSS receivers are ideal positioning solutions for a variety of applications. Unictron’s GNSS receivers can be upgraded according to custom requests.


Feature products:

GNSS Receiver : VP-302 , VP-200UT, GR-422U, GM-48W, GR-43W, GR-36W, FV-Q8 GM-5G, GM-11B, GM-21B

GNSS antenna: EG-16W, EG-24W, GA-88P, TA-200, RV-76G

Chip antenna

Patch antenna


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