AIS buoy tracker


AIS buoy tracker

Buoys are markers floating on the water to indicate items of certain importance, including a shallow-water warning signal for safe navigation of the boat to the harbor, shipwrecks underwater or objects with commercial purpose like fishing nets. Buoys for different purposes may be distinguished by different shapes or colors. Tracker function of the buoy helps to provide electronic identification and position of the tagged buoy for further optimization of traveling routes of the marine vessel.

Unictron’s AIS buoy tracker

The buoy tracker comes with compact and rugged waterproof design for all marine environments. It has built-in high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery, providing operation for twenty days. Transmitting distance on standard marine VHF is up to 36km, with adjustable reporting time interval. Unictron’s smart AIS buoy tracker is easy to install on fishing nets or vessels, even for smaller vessels that are without power supply. The advanced AIS buoy could be a tracker to fulfill various applications as well.

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AIS-100, Mounting base


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