Wearable Monitoring Bracelet


Demand for wearable monitoring bracelets is on a steady rise nowadays. Wearable monitoring bracelets are completely different from smart wrists or smart watches. Wearable monitoring bracelets range from GPS satellite positioning tracking devices (typically secured on ankles) that track parole prisoners to today’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention monitoring devices. Although their applications are quite different, they do share some in common, such as providing reliable tracking data, long effective working time and small in size.

For decades, Unictron has been proactively developing higher accuracy and stable tracking measurement methods. It includes but not limited to information collection from the human body temperature sensor and accelerometer, CT-39 also contains a fuel gauge sensor, which is used for battery power measurement. According to the actual status of charging report, the fuel gauge is used to measure battery capacity, percentage, voltage and current.

Nevertheless, the CT-39 wearable device still has room for improvement. One of the major considerations is how to integrate multiple antennas in a small-volume housing? How to be more power efficient when longer working hours are required? And how to improve the accuracy of measuring body temperature? Even though, there are very few researches on temperature measurement of wrist devices, we are still working hard to improve and eventually provide the most ultimate wearable device products.

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