Introduction and Instruction for Unictron’s Miniature Chip antennas


The demand for wireless connectivity has covered basically all applications and fields; therefore, the technology industry devotes a lot of effort into improving the efficiency and functionality of wireless communication. Good antenna design is crucial to succeed in the vast market of wireless devices. Portable devices are striving for smaller, lighter and thinner antennas and for faster delivery to the market. Chips antennas are a popular choice to achieve all the features mentioned above.

Unictron has the most comprehensive line of chip antennas; thus, we are able to provide a solution for any design of customer’s device. Besides monopole chip antennas, Unictron also offers patented solutions with superior performance like TELA and Pillar chip antenna series.

Introduction of Unictron’s chip antennas and instructions for use

1.Overview of the 3 kinds of chip antennas

2.The capability of 3 kinds of chip antennas to resist noise

Q: How to reduce the impact of noise on the embedded antennas?

When the radiation current is concentrated around the antenna or even only on the antenna body, the isolation between the antenna and the other components can be effectively improved. When the conductive noise is generated on the circuit board, the impact on the performance of antenna can be reduced.

3.The capability of 3 kinds of chip antennas to resist human interference

  Q: How to reduce the influence of the human body on the built-in antenna?

The human body is basically a dielectric body (dielectric constant is about 37), which has a large impact on the electric field and a small impact on the magnetic field.
Therefore, when designing the antenna, the reactance of the near field shall be redesigned to have a dominance in a magnetic field instead.
Reduce the area where the radiated electric field overlaps with the human body, and/or use metal objects to have a shield between the human body and the antenna。

4.Comparison table of the 3 kinds of chip antennas

The table above shows a summary of the key technical principles and design methods of the 3 chip antennas offered by Unictron. Different product designs, device environments or applications have different requirements on the antenna. Unictron, with decades of the experience, can provide the optimal solution to each specific case.

The followings are different areas of application with related recommended chip antennas:

  • Bluetooth headset/earbuds application: for this wearable technology, Unictron recommends TELA chip antennas
  • Wi-Fi routers and set top boxes: these devices often use external dipole (rubber ducky) antennas or embedded PCB antennas. They occupy relatively large space and require manual installation within the device. Unictron’s pillar antennas provide comparable performance (even better throughput), SMT installation with the considerably smaller form factor, allowing slimmer and stylish design.
  • Miniature trackers: portable trackers often combine with satellite positioning (even high precision positioning requirements), Bluetooth transmission for shorter distances and low-power wide-area transmission for smaller data out. Having many frequency bands on one device is a challenging task, but multiple Unictron’s chip antennas have been successfully implemented on miniature boards such as, pet trackers, livestock trackers, bicycle trackers, asset trackers).
  • Bicycle navigation: this miniaturized computer obviously requires miniature antenna. Unictron’s chip antenna with just 3.2×1.6×0.5mm size can provide even multi band GNSS positioning functionality.

As there is no “one antenna fit them all,” there are applications and user cases where other types of antennas are more suitable. Fortunately, Unictron offers complete antenna product lines and design support, including PCB/FPC antennas, LDS antennas, metal stamping, rubber duck and other external antennas. Do not hesitate to get a free consultation from Unictron’s team for the most suitable antenna for your device.

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