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Product Name:GR43GDR

GPS L1 C/A Receiver
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GNSS Receiver Series

Unictron’s receiver provides you with real-time position fixes for your vehicle, helping guide you to your destination. This locator is an ultra-low-power, high-quality GNSS solution designed for AVL, Fleet Management Systems, and Marine Navigational Aids. It offers maximum position availability through concurrent reception of signals from 4 GNSS systems. The receiver is housed in a low-profile, waterproof, and robust enclosure with a magnetic mount. It interfaces with the RS232 port of your computing device and utilizes NMEA 0183 data output sentences.

Technical Briefs

Dimension (mm) : 60.5(D) x 23.8(H)
Sensitivity : Tracking and nav. -164 dBm
Nav update rate : 1Hz
Position accuracy : 2.5 m CEP
Interface : RS232
Operating Voltage : 8~35V
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