Patch Array Antennas

Product Name:Patch Array Antennas

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Patch Array Antennas Series

Unictron offers a series of Patch Array Antenna designed for multiple application, covering frequencies based on customer’s requirements. The Patch Array Antenna series are fabricated with proprietary design and processes and show excellent performance.

Technical Briefs

Patch Array Antenna
Dimension (mm) Frequencies (MHz) Polarization Peak Gain (dBic)* Bandwidth (MHz) VSWR
320*186 2300-2400 Single or Dual 16.0 (typical) 100 2.0 (max.)
320*186 2500-2700 Single or Dual 16.0 (typical) 200 2.0 (max.)
320*186 3300-3700 Single or Dual 16.0 (typical) 400 2.0 (max.)
120*210*13 3400-3800 Single or Dual 12.0 (typical) 400 2.0 (max.)
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