TWS Bluetooth Earphones


TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Why Unictron?

Small TWS Bluetooth earphones normally have a challenging installation environment since designing miniature antennas on small dimension circuit boards may often result in rather poor performance experienced in occasional lags, for example. Furthermore, standard antennas made from FPC, or monopole chip antennas, show large frequency shifts when the device is worn on a human body. Such frequency shifts, caused by the change of installation environment, may significantly deteriorate the antenna’s signal receiving/transmitting capability.

In general, there are two approaches to minimize the frequency shift of antennas and help wearable devices achieve higher RF connection capability:

  1. Use loop-type antennas whose near field reactance is dominated by magnetic field, such as Unictron’s patented TELA chip antennas; or
  2. Use Unictron’s patented Pillar antennas that are vertically polarized and don’t require ground clearance and antenna performance is also not as sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Feature products:

TELA® AA055U, CW201

Pillar® CW337, CW10D7

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