Smart bus stop


Smart bus stop

In the future push for sustainable city development, we may see an EV mobility trend in addition to smart public transportation. Regarding this trend, smart city fleet management applications are very useful for the daily life, allowing to optimize city’s vehicles use, to divert traffic in the case of an incident and keep people moving. Monitoring real-time scheduling of buses has become increasingly important because it can save a lot of time waiting around for the bus.
Most smart bus stops are integrated with real-time communication systems. With this system, bus stops can communicate with buses through cellular or WiFi, and then calculate and keep updating their arriving time. Additionally, bus stops definitely require a GNSS/GPS signal to locate their location in order to let the system know where this data is coming from. Bus fleets need to install GNSS/GPS systems so the control center can manage the logistics and whereabouts of the buses.

Why Unictron?

For a smart bus system to work effectively, reliable wireless communication technology dependent on high performance antennas are essential. Unictron has more than 25 years design and manufacturing experiences of antennas and antenna modules. With those experiences and our strong team supporting, we believe that we can satisfy your ever-increasing demands in antennas for your wireless devices.
According to the requirements of different applications, we have integrated various wireless protocols such as cellular, WiFi and GPS in one antenna or various antennas integrated within a housing. Furthermore, considering outdoor environments, the housing of our external antennas are robust with proper waterproof design.

Featured products:
3 in 1 external antennas
● MT-4B-AC-BLW03 (4G LTE/ 5G NR+GNSS+WiFi)

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