Anti-interference & High-precision positioning Active Antenna


Following by the launch of the smallest passive Castle Patch antenna with high-precision positioning, Unictron designed another high-precision positioning antenna module equipped with anti-interference feature as an external antenna (housing covered) for our customers.

In order to reduce the effect of environmental noise on reception quality, Unictron has successfully developed a series of antenna modules with high anti-interference capability by using unique low-noise amplifier circuit design with Unictron’s patented Castle Patch Antenna. An external antenna with a shell cover, so that customers can eliminate external noise interference and ensure good reception quality in real setting.

Navigation and positioning standard: anti-interference active antenna

Whether its LNA or external shell antenna module, Unictron Castle Patch Antenna series antennas are multi-frequency and multi-mode, including the United States, global satellite positioning system (GPS), Russia GLONASS, EU GALILEO Galileo and China Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS). Because the multi-satellite system has more accesses to available satellites than a single GPS system, it can reduce the time for the initial positioning and significantly improve the positioning accuracy.

The current urban setting is complex, and stable high-precision positioning requirement has gradually become the norm. However, the current positioning device also has a variety of wireless input signals with different functions, besides mobile phone telecommunication transmission, multi-band WiFi, Bluetooth, multi-frequency GPS, LTE or 5G signals. Interference, coupled with the high-rise urban environment, the excellent anti-interference capability of the receiving module has become a basic prerequisite when it comes to positioning for clients.

In order to satisfy the stable and high-precision positioning of various car navigation, vehicle-mounted and hand-held tracking devices, Unictron has produced several sizes of high-precision positioning antennas, and targeted at 50*50, 40*40, 30*30, 25*25, 18* 18mm and other Castle Patch multi-frequency passive antennas, launched a series of multi-frequency active source and external shell antenna modules.

Accommodate our customers in one single step: passive + active, embedded + external, production + tuning

The above modules have built-in low-noise amplifiers and filters, which can resist external frequency interference and noise. At the same time, they have various advantages such as high sensitivity, high gain, high efficiency, low current loss, etc., which can accelerate the speed of capturing and tracking signals, allowing customers It can stabilize positioning even under weak signal conditions in dangerous and harsh environments, greatly improving the ability of positioning products to respond to the external environment.

For instance, Japan’s LTE communication uses one of the frequency bands 1510 MHz which is very close to the GPS L1 frequency band. Unictron was the first to have insights that market needs to avoid mutual interference between the two applications, and developed anti-jamming, high-precision antenna source modules for this frequency band for Japanese customers. Unictron’s exceptional capability has establish the trust and rapport with Japanese customers.

In addition to providing an anti-interference antenna module that amplifies the receiving signal and filters out unwanted noise, Unictron can also assist in the adjustment of the mechanism according to the requirements of different products and different institutional models of customers, minimizing the time-consuming aspect of OEM customers in deploying antennas. Introducing and implementing new products at the most efficient manner is used to seize new market opportunities.

Whether it is precise timing, navigation positioning, construction engineering, or scouting, Unictron has always fulfilled our customers’ needs extensively: passive + active, embedded + external, production + tuning, we provide the highest performance, anti-interference, best stability, and the most user-friendly products. Thus, we are able to decrease the “Time to market” via our embedded and external antenna products and services, with the primary goal of growing with our customers continuously and collaboratively.

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