Chip Current fuse is mainly to prevent electronic and electrical equipment from being damaged by overload current. When the pulse current flows into the circuit through the fuse and exceeds the allowable specification of the fuse, the fuse will blow and stop the flow of current. nChip Current fuses are mainly divided into 2 basic types according to the response speed:

  • Slow-blow fuse: suitable for circuits with transient pulse currents or surges flowing in when starting up.
  • Fast-acting fuse: suitable for components that are particularly sensitive to overcurrent in the circuit.

Application :

  • LCD Displays Telecommunication: Cell Phones / PDA / DSL
  • Data Modems
  • Computers: LCD Panel / Printers/ Laptop/ Servers
  • Scanners
  • Handheld Electronics
  • Printers

Chip Fuse Basic Structure: