The glass gas discharge tube is also called Spark Gap Protectors (SPG) or a powerful discharge tube. The discharge gap of SPG is made of different wafer materials, and the tube is filled with a certain proportion of inert gas, which is sealed by a glass tube and magnesium wire. The electrical performance of SPG depends on factors such as gas type, gas pressure and internal electrode structure. SPG has the advantages of small size, low cost, and low junction capacitance, and is often used for lightning protection of communication lines.

Application :

  • Surge protection for equipment connected to ISDN or LAN etc.
  • Devices connecting telecommunication line.Telephone, Fax machine, XDSL, Modem etc.
  • Devices connecting antenna or signal line. Booster, Car radio set etc.
  • Devices that need protection against electrostatic Display unit, Monitor TV, etc.
  • Used to protect sw uninitching power supplies and terruptible power systems.(u.p.s)