Metal Oxide Varistors Referred to as MOV, or Varistor

Metal Oxide Varistors is a voltage dependent resistor with symmetrical voltage-current characteristics that is designed to protect all kinds of electronic devices or elements from switching and induced lightening surges. It’s non linear exponent characteristic with froad using range and mass  production is gradually being used by various level of electric engineering.

MOV structure map

MOV Protection curve


  • Fast response time.
  • Low leakage current.
  • Excellent voltage ratio.
  • Wide voltage & energy ratio.
  • Low standby power and no follow on current.
  • High performance in surge current handling capability.
  • High performance in clamping voltage characteristics.


  • IC, diode, transistor, thyristor, triac, and other semiconductor protection.
  • Suppression of mainborne transients in consumer electronics and industrial electronics.
  • Suppression of internally generated spikes in electronics circuit.
  • Surge protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics.
  • Surge protection in electronic home appliances and gas and petroleum appliances.
  • Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.