Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices : Abbreviation ESD TVS

ESD protection components are specially used for small signal electrostatic protection or surge protection, and can be used for multi-channel protection. It has the advantages of small package size and multiple combined array type.

The functional characteristics of  ESD protection components are the same as those of TVS. The commonly used ESD protection components have a small capacitance and their response time is extremely fast. When its two ends are subject to instantaneous high-energy impact, ESD TVS can change the impedance value between the two ends from high impedance to low impedance at a very high speed, so as to discharge and absorb the instantaneous large current, and reduce the two ESD effects. The terminal voltage is clamped to a predetermined value to protect the following circuit components from transient surges.

The following is a schematic diagram of TVS Array

ESD TVS Array Shunt function diagram of series resistance