I. Salary and Reward

Employees are the Unictron’s most important asset. We strive to help employees achieve a balance among work, family and social aspects. Not only, we aim to develop the evaluation of employees’ work performance and enhance career advancement, but also we formulate a competitive reward system through annual market salary surveys which we used to improve existing formula every year. In addition, Unictron provides performance bonuses based on collective performance and individual performance of employees to reward and fulfill the financial needs of employees in life. Furthermore, Unictron cares about both the physical and mental health of our employees, provide a variety of welfare measures to take care of employees and their families, establish a healthy workplace environment, and arrange a series of extracurricular activities to enrich the lives of our employees.

2. Employee Retirement Program and Status of Implementation

(1)The company’s labor pension system is implemented in accordance with the Labor Standards Law, the Labor Retirement Regulations and other relevant regulations. If the Labor Standards Law’s pension provisions are applied, the total monthly salary is 2% to 15% in accordance with the Labor Standards Law. Retirement reserves are allocated and deposited in the Bank of Taiwan in the name of the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee, and the committee is responsible for income and expenditure, custody, use and supervision.
(2)For those who apply the pension system of the Labor Pension Regulations shall bear a labor pension withholding rate of not less than 6% per month in accordance with the Labor Pension Regulations, and the withholding rate shall be deposited in accordance with the monthly withholding wage grading table approved by the Executive Yuan of Taiwan. The employee’s individual labor pension account is established by the Labor Insurance Bureau.