Job title Name Principal work experience and academic qualifications Positions held concurrently in the company and/or in any other company
Chairman Andy Su

MBA, National Chengchi University

Associate Vice President, Qisda Corporation (previously BenQ Corporation)

CEO, Unictron Technologies Corporation

Chairman and CEO, Darfon Electronics Corp.

Chairman, Darad Innovation Corporation

Chairman, Darfon Materials Corporation

Chairman, Chengli Investment Co., Ltd.

Director, BenQ Foundation

Chairman, Kenstone Metal Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Iron Ore Company Limited

Chairman, Astro Tech Co., Ltd.

Chairman, TD Hitech Energy Inc.

Chairman, Darfon Energy Technology Corp.

Darfon Electronics Corp. Representative:

Lee, Ran-Rong

Ph.D, Material Science, Case Western Reserve University

EMBA, National Chiao Tung University

R&D Manager, CPS Corp. (USA)

Manager, Ceramic Laboratory, Material Research Laboratories, ITRI

President, MAG. LAYERS Scientific-Technics Co., Ltd.

President, Chilisin Electronics Corp.

R&D Director, Littelfuse

Special Assistant to Chairman, Ta I Technology Co., Ltd.

President, Integrated Component Business Department, Darfon Electronics Corp.
Vice Chairman, Unictron Technologies Corporation

Darfon Electronics Corp. Representative:

Chang, Ming-Chu

Ph.D, Material Science, National Tsing Hua University

Project Manager, Material Laboratories, ITRI

President, Unictron Technologies Corporation

Darfon Electronics Corp. Representative:

Chris Wang
EMBA, Chinese Culture University

Vice President of IT Peripheral, Darfon Electronics Corp.

Independent Director Cheng, Wei-Shun

Master of Accountancy, Northern Illinois University

Senior Special Assistant, AUO Corporation

Independent director, Daxin Materials Corporation

Independent director, Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

Independent director, Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd.

Director, Shirre Lab Corp.
Independent Director Wang, Yung-Ho

Ph.D, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Chengkung University

Professor, National Chengkung University

President, National Applied Research Laboratories

Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Chengkung University

Independent director, ChipMos Technologies Inc.
Independent Director Wang, Chien-Min

Ph.D, Material Science of Engineering, University of Illinois

Adjunct Professor, National Taipei University of Technology

Adjunct Professor, National Tsing Hua University

Adjunct Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Vice President, Young Bright Optical (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd.

Vice President concurrently CTO, Coretronic Corporation

President, Young Lighting Technology Inc.

Review Commissioner for Academic/Industrial/Corporate Technology R&D Projects, Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Independent Director, Taimide Technology Inc.
Independent Director

Shen, Hsi-Wen

MBA , Tulane University, USA

Manager, Motorola Electronics Taiwan

Manufacturing Director, Amkor(Sampo)Semiconductor

Sr. Manager, CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) Taiwan

President, Unictron Technologies Corp.

Group Sr. VP, PTI
Independent Director, Favite Inc.