Distance/Proximity sensor is one of the applications of ultrasound in air. By acting both as a transmitter and receiver, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transmits a short burst of ultrasonic waves to the target and receives the reflected echo from it. Distance of the object is calculated using the time difference between the received and the transmitted signal.


  • Piezoceramic transducers for the transmitting and receiving of ultrasonic signals needed for distance measurement.


  • Excellent durability and reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution and positional accuracy
  • Fast response

As one of Taiwan’s major international piezoceramic suppliers, Unictron’s piezo elements are an optimal solution for generating stable and reliable ultrasonic waves required in proximity/distance sensor applications. Our engineering teams have been working in the piezoceramic industry for more than 25 years. We have a sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies as well as advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities for the development and mass production of piezoceramic elements. High performance automated equipment for the assembly of ceramic and metal discs are established. High sensitivity, high resolution and high-reliability ultrasonic sensors with various dimensions are available to meet your demands.