Piezoceramic actuators are used as the driving elements for pumps or dispensers in process engineering and medical applications. Compared with other actuation principles, piezoelectric actuation is fast, precise and durable requiring very low power consumption. Piezoelectric actuation is also relatively low maintenance & energy efficient because the motion is achieved by crystalline structure change, not by moving mechanical parts that produce friction.

Unictron offers a wide range of piezoelectric elements in a variety of shapes to suit customers’ needs. Our engineering teams have been working in the piezo ceramic industry for more than 25 years. We have a sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies as well as advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities for the development and mass production of piezoceramic elements. As the major piezoceramic supplier in Taiwan, Unictron’s piezo elements are the perfect solution for the generation of stable and reliable displacement needed in precision pump applications.


  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Piezoelectric air pump
  • Micro-dispensing pump


  • Precise pumping volume control
  • Flexible dimension and structural design
  • Low coefficient of temperature
  • Good reliability and durability
  • Low power consumption