Unictron’s miniature chip antenna won the Gold Medal Prize Technology Innovation competition at Taitronics 2014 International Electronics Show, co-held by TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council. The Chairman of TEEMA, Tai-Chiang Guo, awarded Unictron with Gold Medal Prize during the opening ceremony of Taitronics 2014.
Unictron’s miniature chip antenna has unique design and antenna structure. During the past six years, Unictron had submitted over 18 patents on miniature antenna and acquired 13 patent certificates worldwide. The miniature design weighs less than 2 mg and takes only few millimeters in length, and it is suitable for ultra-compact portable wireless communication products. Although the dimension is minimized, the radiation efficiency reaches extraordinary 84% on the demo board. By using SMT process instead of manual assembly, the fabrication cost is much lower than of the traditional antenna. Another advantage of using the Unictron’s miniature chip antenna is that the same antenna product can be used in different devices and different PCBs, because the antenna is standardized and the frequency can be easily tuned by Unictron-designed “tuning element” to accommodate the different environment. This lowers the stock and management cost for the customer. Besides, the antenna itself is also less susceptible to human body compares to other existing antenna solutions.