As one of Taiwan’s major international piezoceramic suppliers, Unictron’s piezo transducers are a great solution for generating the stable and reliable ultrasonic waves necessary for ultrasonic level sensor applications. Our engineering teams have been working in the piezoceramic industry for over 25 years. We have a sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies as well as advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities for the development and mass production of piezoceramic elements. We offer high sensitivity, high resolution and high-reliability ultrasonic sensors with various dimensions to meet demanding, client-specific specs.

Ultrasonic level sensors are widely used for non-contact level sensing of liquids and bulk solids. The sensor comprises a piezoceramic transducer which can emit high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The piezoceramic transducer is mounted above the liquid surface being measured. The distance of the liquid surface from the sensor is determined by sending a short ultrasonic pulse and measuring the time it reflects back from the liquid surface. Another way of determining the liquid level employs a metal tuning fork. The self-resonant frequency of the metal tuning fork, when excited by a piezoceramic transducer, is detected by the evaluation circuit. The resonant frequency varies when the surrounding medium changes and the liquid level can be determined.


  • Piezoceramic transducers for the transmitting and receiving of ultrasonic signal needed in level sensors for non-contact level sensing of liquids and bulk solids.


  • Excellent durability and reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution and positional accuracy
  • Fast response