Snapback TVS Diode has low capacitance and snapback functions. With advanced silicon single-chip technology to provide fast response time and low clamping voltage, this device becomes an ideal solution for 10G high-speed transmission over-voltage protection.

For instance, Unictron’s UL3321P0S has low capacitance value and low clamping voltage (4.5V@10A) and in compliance with IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) standard: Air ±30kV and Contact ±30kV;

Due to the advantages such as small form factor of DFN0603, low in capacitance, and high in ESD protection, Unictron’s UL332101S is an ideal protection component for cellular phones, wireless systems and telecommunications equipment.

Below: TVS Diode With and without Snapback V-I characteristics