Bluetooth products have been one of the main focus-applications of Unictron antennas family, especially true for wireless Bluetooth headsets. Unictron team has accumulated a lot of design-in experience in wireless audio devices, whether it is in-ear, earbuds, ear-hook or over-the-ear wireless headset, therefore Unictron can provide you a proper antenna solution in no time.

The following are chip antennas designed by Unictron for Bluetooth applications

P.S. For more detailed introduction to the application of chip antenna types, please refer to the article Introduction and Instruction for Unictron’s Miniature Chip antennas“.

True wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS) is one of the most popular consumer electronics accessories in recent years. Demand for wireless headset is no longer limited to call applications, but more for entertainment and comprehensive experience.  Therefore, good connection quality between Bluetooth headsets and audio sources (such as mobile phone, computer, etc.) is definitely the main requirement of users. For this reason, Unictron has launched the best antenna solution to improve the connectivity quality – Pillar antenna.

Advantages of Pillar antenna for Bluetooth application:

After the introduction of the EMI noise reduction solution, the recent R&D trend of wireless earphones has also moved towards further miniaturization of the outline of the earphone. As a matter of fact, Unictron has taken the lead and developed a new integrated component – a Bluetooth antenna combo with a touch sensor function. Such combo not only it allows customers’ products to be more competitive, it also provides end-users a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.

Advantages of the integrated Bluetooth antenna with touch function applied to the Bluetooth headset:

P.S. For more detailed introduction to the integrated antenna with Bluetooth touch function, please refer to the article “Antenna combo with a touch sensor for TWS (True Wireless Stereo earphones)“.

In addition to providing a complete series of off-the-shelf chip antennas, Unictron also provides customized FPC and LDS antennas, which are suitable for different earphone applications. Customized design can be made according to the 3D appearance, reception performance and cost for different products of customers. With the proven abundant experience in wireless headset antenna design and tuning, we can provide you with the most professional antenna technical support.